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The Last 4 Years

In the fall of 2018 Stephanie was elected as a Councillor in South Glengarry, then later appointed to Deputy Mayor by her colleagues. Over the past 4 years the Township of South Glengarry has taken on or supported a number of projects and initiatives, as well as improving the processes and service delivery.  Here are some notable successes; however, the list is by no means exhaustive:


1)   Improved Township Communications
  • Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter Guides

  • 50% more social media followers

  • Escribe platform improves council meeting documents transparency

  • Council meeting livestreamed and available on YouTube

  • VOIP phone system reduces costs with no loss of service to residents

  • Council Meeting Wrap-Up Newsletter

  • New Township Website, AODA compliant


2)   Office and Council Chamber Renovations
  • Improved accessibility

  • Improved privacy for residents

  • Covered by one-time Modernization and Covid Funding


3)   Arena, Recreation Facilities and Parks Upgrades
  • New Smithfield Park building completed

  • New arena floor, cooling equipment and boards - ICIP Grant for $1.2 M

  • All community centres refreshed

  • Glen Walter Playground- Community Raised $125K, Township $90K

  • North Lancaster Playground- $45K grant

  • Bocce Ball Courts in Martintown- $22K grant

  • Support of Martintown Cenotaph project

  • Glen Walter Waterfront Park revitalization

  • Tennis and Pickle Ball Courts in Glen Walter - $24K grant

  • Peanut Line Bridge in Williamstown - $100K grant

  • Rec Master Plan - Completed Summer 2022


4)   Building Department
  • Cloud permit - Online building permit application option

  • Building Department issuing double the number of permits

  • 2 Building lots donated to Habitat for Humanity


5)   Finance
  • Reserves are healthy at $14M

  • Tax Cut in 2021 – Total 2022 levy below 2020 levy

  • Service Delivery Review Summer/Fall 2022


6)   Renewed relationship with Akwesasne
  • Joint plan to recognize significance of Cairn Island to both communities

  • Township Staff Cultural Competency Training and Certification

  • Recognition of National Day for Truth and Reconciliation


7)   Glen Walter Water System Master Servicing Plan
  • Water Tower in Glen Walter $5M grant


8)   Cellular & Broadband Connectivity
  • Storm Internet tower on North Lancaster Municipal Garage Property

  • NetSolid tower on Kennedy Redwood Water Building

  • In progress: 11 new & 18 upgrades to Rogers Towers across SDG


9)   Environment
  • Implemented weekly recycling

  • FoodCycler composter pilot

  • 115 acres of forests donated to RRCA for conservation

  • Township waterfront owned lands retained for public use

  • Adopted Tree Canopy and Natural Vegetation Policy


10)       Cornwall Regional Airport
  • Grant of $1.2M for improvements to safety, security and aesthetics

  • Business development plan by 3rd party consultant


11)       Natural Gas coming to Glendale (followed by roads repaving!)
  • Commitment from Enbridge


12)       Agreement with Cornwall Electric to convert Glen Walter street lights to LED
  • Annual savings estimated at $72K per year


13)       5 year CUPE Agreement Signed 2022-2027


14)       Roads & Infrastructure
  • Bridge and Major Culvert Rehabilitation

    • Cashion Bridge, 2nd Line Bridge, Glen Donald Road Culvert, Glen Roy Road Bridge, Glen Roy Road Culvert, First Line Road Culvert, Roy's Road Culvert

  • Surface Treatment

    • Concession Road 4, Beaupre, Frog Hollow, Maple Road, Cedar Grove, Kraft…and more…

  • Paving

    • Purcell Rd, Tree Haven, Richmond Court, 3rd Line Road, Glen Road, Lancaster  Village…and more…

  • Williams St., Williamstown Road Reconstruction

  • Roads Committee finalizing Master Plan for 5-10 years

  • New Roads Garage on Airport Road

  • Fleet Upgrades

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