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About Me

How I came to South Glengarry

I grew up the oldest of three girls in the village of Pine Hill, Quebec.  My family has always had horses so my very first exposure to South Glengarry was the Williamstown Fair.

I moved to South Glengarry in 2005. It was my dream to have a property where I could have horses and that’s exactly what I found.  My love for the area has only grown since then, so much so that in 2010 I convinced my parents to move to South Glengarry as well, just down the road from me.

What I love about South Glengarry

Having travelled extensively for work, I know that Glengarry is a very special place. Glengarrians are extremely generous with their time and sharing their knowledge. Community involvement is unparalleled. We have some many volunteers who devote countless hours to preserve Glengarry’s history or to continue its cultural and social events.  
I have learned a lot living here. For example, it was the local historical groups that inspired me to discover more about my own ancestors.  We have had local farmers share advice and wisdom to help us in our hop yard.  And I have grown a lot as a person living here because of the many great role models who have been amazing examples of community service.

My Family

My husband, Ron, and I own and operate Old 4th Hop Yard, a Certified Organic hop farm. We have three young children – Adessa, Roman and Zena - who attend Williamstown Public School and Char-Lan District High School. 

What I do for Work

I joined Imperial Oil, better known by its brand name Esso, directly after graduating university and I have had roles in both the Fuels and Lubricants departments.  

I am currently a Field Application Advisor supporting all of Canada where I advise large customers on how to be more fuel efficient and lower their emissions with next generation diesels, including biodiesel and renewable diesel.

The majority of my career has been in the field in Eastern Canada working directly with customers in both official languages in pretty much any large industry you can thing of: mining, construction, forestry, pulp and power, power generation, marine, locomotive, on-road trucking, etc.  My work has always been in a technical capacity such as training maintenance personnel, troubleshooting equipment failures and helping customers run their operations more efficiently.  This allowed me to see so much of our beautiful country as well as feel like I am regularly on an episode of “How Things Are Made”. I hold a Certified Lubrication Specialist designation from the Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers (STLE).

Why I decided to get into municipal politics

Ultimately, it was the 2015-2016 round of school closures. I was heavily involved in the Save Char-Lan effort.  Although we were successful in getting the Upper Canada District School Board to reverse their recommendation to close Char-Lan DHS, I was very afraid that all our advocacy could not be sustained.

Community Service

I am a board member at St. Andrew’s United Church in Williamstown.

I am a passionate advocate for preserving rural schools. I was Vice-Chair of the Save Char-Lan campaign, and am an active participant on Williamstown Public and Char-Lan District High school councils and a member of the Upper Canada District Parent Involvement Committee.


I am on the Executive of Community Schools Alliance, a province-wide municipal advocacy group.

I Chair the Township Environment Committee

I am the Township representative on the St. Lawrence River Restoration Council (SLRRC)

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